University of Redlands Gets $739,000 Rebate

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December 2008

The University of Redlands natural gas-powered co-generation plant has been recognized by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and awarded a $739,000 rebate check as part of the Self Generation Incentive Program (SGIP), a program created to encourage consumers to generate their own energy. The SGIP provides rebates for qualifying distributed energy systems installed on the customer’s side of the utility meter.

This plant, in which Goss Engineering played an integral part in the planning, design and development, provides the university with electrical energy, and heating and cooling for one-third of all campus buildings.

GEI began working with University of Redlands on this project in 2001 beginning with a feasibility study followed by the complete plant design. “The University needed a solution that would not only meet their expansion needs but also one that would adhere to their high-level environmental policies and standards. The university was looking to work with firm who could provide both. GEI was excited to have the opportunity to work on this project and provide them with an innovative solution,” said Lucas Hyman, President Goss Engineering.

In addition to the feasibility study and plant design GEI also played a key role in the construction process that was completed in winter 2007. They provided engineering support for construction, commissioning and plant start-up services as well as assisted in the rebate application process. The plant has been fully operational since 2007. 

For more information about how Goss Engineering can meet your energy engineering needs, please contact Lucas Hyman, PE, LEED AP, President of Goss Engineering, at 951.340.1977.