New Learning Lab Design Paves the Way for Fuel Cell Education and Research

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January 22, 2012

California continues to be a leader in energy efficiency so it makes perfect sense for the California University System to support energy innovation and new technologies. One example of this support can be found at the University of California Irvine’s National Fuel Cell Research Center. To complement their work in advancing the technology and usage of Fuel Cells to generate power, UCI commissioned GEI to design a demonstration fuel cell plant.

This proposed system will serve as a learning lab at the nation’s first university fuel cell research center and help educate and train future Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering students and accelerate the development and deployment of fuel cell technology. Additionally, the system will heat and cool, and provide power to the school’s engineering building.

The Lab is scheduled to begin construction in 2012 and will consist of a 300-kW fuel cell, a 40-ton direct exhaust fired absorption chiller, a hot water heat-recovery-unit, and a thermal storage system. When the lab is completed, UCI will see significant savings in energy costs and reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 13,000 tons over 20 years —the equivalent to the amount of carbon absorbed by 175 acres of forest.

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