McGraw-Hill Publishes TES Textbook Written by Goss President, Lucas Hyman

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July 2011

Sustainable Thermal Storage Systems Planning Design and Operations
by Lucas B. Hyman, P.E., LEED-AP, President and Principal Engineer, Goss Engineering, Inc.


Sustainable Thermal Storage Systems: Planning, Design, and Operations offers proven techniques for reducing energy costs, on-peak demand, capital costs, and pollution using thermal storage systems. Written by an expert in the field, this book discusses sustainability requirements, advantages and disadvantages of various systems, and the relationship among loads, equipment choices, and system selection. Real-world case studies examine chilled water thermal storage and ice thermal storage. Tips for operating a thermal storage plant to maximize investment are also provided in this valuable resource.


Comprehensive coverage includes:

  • Applicability and types of thermal storage systems
  • Sensible thermal storage systems
  • Latent thermal storage systems
  • Heating storage systems
  • Thermal storage system sizing
  • Conducting a feasibility study
  • Estimating energy use and analyzing costs
  • Thermal storage design applications
  • Thermal storage tank specifications
  • Operating and control strategies
  • Testing and commissioning requirements
  • Sustainable operations

Table of contents:

Ch. 1. Overview

Ch. 2. Applicability of Thermal Storage Systems

Ch. 3. Types of Thermal Storage Systems

Ch. 4. Sensible Thermal Storage Systems

Ch. 5. Latent Thermal Storage Systems

Ch. 6. Heating Thermal Storage Systems

Ch. 7. Thermal Storage System Sizing

Ch. 8. Conducting a Thermal Storage Feasibility Study

Ch. 9. Thermal Storage Design Applications

Ch. 10. Thermal Storage Tank Specifications

Ch. 11. Thermal Storage Operating and Control Strategies

Ch. 12. Commissioning of Thermal Storage Systems

Ch. 13. Sustainable Thermal Storage Operations

Ch. 14. Chilled Water Thermal Storage Case Study

Ch. 15: Ice Thermal Storage Case Study




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Lucas B. Hyman, P.E., LEED-AP, is President and Principal Engineer, Goss Engineering, Inc. A professional mechanical engineer with nearly 30 years’ experience, he has planned and designed thermal energy storage (TES) systems, central heating and cooling plants, cogeneration plants, and other mechanical systems. Hyman has participated as a mechanical engineer member in value engineering project reviews, conducted and led forensic engineering studies, and served as an expert witness. He is co-editor of Sustainable On-Site CHP Systems: Design, Construction, and Operations (2009).

For more information about how Goss Engineering can meet your energy engineering needs, please contact Lucas Hyman at 951.340.1977, or send an email inquiry using our CONTACT page..