International theme park hires GEI to design firstthermal energy storage system in Hong Kong

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December 2008

Goss Engineering has extensive experience developing thermal energy storage systems making them the ideal choice to assist a major southern California theme park with their international expansion efforts in Hong Kong.

Based on the recommendation of an existing client, this fast-track two-part project began in October of 2008 with design plans completed in December of 2008 and construction scheduled to begin in 2009. The first part of the project included an assessment review, on-site field investigation and design of a thermal energy storage system.

During this part of the project, GEI worked closely with the client to ensure current and future capacity needs would be met. “The client was looking for a solution that would meet their cooling needs but would also minimize energy costs. We selected a chilled water thermal energy storage (TES) system to accomplish this. The system provides a method of generating cooling at one period of time, generally at night when air-conditioning equipment operates more efficiently and energy costs are lower, and uses that cooling during another period of time, normally during the peak day time hours. A properly planned, designed and operated chilled water TES can provide peak electrical demand reduction, less energy usage and lower energy costs,” said Lucas Hyman. Part two of the project will include construction and is scheduled to commence this year. GEI is serving as a design consultant and will assist the owner during the construction process. The project is scheduled for completion in 2010 and will be the first thermal energy storage system in Hong Kong.

For more information about how Goss Engineering can meet your energy engineering needs, please contact Lucas Hyman, PE, LEED AP, President of Goss Engineering, at 951.340.1977.