Partnership With Trane Takes GEI to the Moon:GEI Hired to Complete NASA Campus Energy Audit

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Summer 2009

Earlier this year NASA hired Trane to complete an energy audit and to provide an implementation plan for retrofitting its existing energy systems on the NASA campus located at Edwards Air Force Base in California. To complete this project, Trane partnered with GEI to provide the engineering work necessary to complete a full energy audit, building energy modeling, and design to create an implementation plan.

The first step in the process included field investigation to analyze the existing systems, pinpoint any challenges, and develop energy conservation measures (opportunities for upgrades and enhancements). The second part of the process required GEI to develop an energy model using “TRACE”, a software program that creates a computer model of current energy usage based on existing building information and system readings. Once the model was complete, GEI calibrated the model using meters and data loggers and compared previous monthly and annual energy usage to provide an accurate log of energy consumption.

The calibrated model was then used to analyze the set of custom Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) and to provide recommendations NASA can implement to conserve and reduce energy. These recommendations included the use of more efficient HVAC equipment, lighting systems, upgraded windows, insulation, variable-volume fans, the upgrade of old equipment and improving the overall building envelope.

Upon completion of the energy audit and implementation plan, Trane and GEI provided NASA with a list of ECM priorities, budgets and timelines for completing the build-out. Construction and retrofitting is scheduled to begin later this year.

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