California Dreamin’

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April 12, 2013

A major southern California theme park is known to make dreams come true, which is why GEI was honored when asked to assist them with making their energy efficiency dreams come true for the expanded theme park. The theme park was preparing for a park expansion that would require an estimated 800-ton increase to the existing cooling load and needed a solution that would address this need as well as increase overall energy efficiency and reduce operating costs.

“While we may have been able to address the load increase by simply installing a new chiller, this would not address the need for greater efficiency and reduced operating costs. We needed a complete solution,” said Lucas Hyman.

To ensure the theme park’s cooling needs were met and a complete solution was provided, GEI first completed a central plant energy study and life cycle assessment for four different scenarios. It was important to find a solution that could be implemented fairly quickly and be scalable enough to handle future growth or temperature anomalies that may require greater cooling capacity then originally estimated.

Once the study was completed, GEI worked closely with the theme park to determine the best solution to meet their needs and recommended the installation of a Full Storage CHW Thermal Energy Storage (TES) system. This system was selected based on its ability to provide the greatest on-peak demand reduction and to allow for the shut down of the chiller plant during the on-peak period thus reducing peak load and costs. Additionally, this solution was the most cost effective to construct of all solutions and provided the greatest overall return on investment. Construction on this new system was completed in May of 2011.

To date, the CHW TES system has been online for more than a year, including 2 summers, and is already making an impact with a 20% reduction in energy use and significant cost savings. Additionally, the shift from operating the system during peak hours to cooler nighttime hours has reduced cooling tower make-up water consumption and CHW pump power.

For more information about how Goss Engineering can meet your energy engineering needs, please contact Lucas Hyman, PE, LEED AP, President of Goss Engineering, at 951.340.1977.