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Our experienced engineers work with you directly from initial concept to successful project completion.


How We Work / Approach

We take a hands-on, collaborative approach to each project. This approach allows us to gain a full understanding of your project and provide you with the best solutions to meet your specific needs. Our clients benefit from the extensive participation of our experienced engineers on every project.
This approach also ensures your project is coordinated between trades, installed per design and completed with the highest level of quality and performance.


We are dedicated to building long-lasting relationships with our clients and use proven processes and procedures to ensure your project is delivered on time and on budget. One of the most critical steps in this process is the project kick-off phase. During the project kick-off we are able to gain a full understanding of your project goals and objectives and establish schedules, communication strategies and finalize budgets.

Research and Planning

The next step to the successful implementation of your project builds on the information gathered during the kick-off meeting. The Research Phase allows GEI to dig deeper into your project through listening, further information gathering as well as field investigations. During the Research Phase we are also able to identify any challenges and develop solutions to address them before construction begins.


The Design Phase is one of the most critical steps in the project process. During the Design Phase we calculate equipment and system requirements, develop system flow diagrams, select equipment, develop plans and sections, prepare specifications, assist with agency plan check, and prepare biddable construction documents. Information gathered in the Kick-off, Research and Planning and Design Phases are combined to create a final work plan and budget.


During the Construction Phase, we adhere to the requirements and specifications developed during the Planning and Design Phase and work in collaboration with the owner and contractor to help ensure project deliverables are met. GEI provides engineering assistance: reviews equipment submittals, answers contractor requests-for-information (RFI), attends construction meetings, and helps to resolve change orders. GEI also conducts on-site construction reviews.


During the Delivery Phase, GEI helps with start-up, reviews all equipment tests and then completes a final on-site inspection with you and your management teams to ensure all deliverables have been completed. GEI also provides training sessions on how to use and maintain equipment and finalizes commissioning and other support documentation. Upon completion of the on-site inspection, training and commissioning documentation, GEI transitions the project the client.

Post Construction Review

After the final delivery of the project and when systems have been running for several months, GEI schedules a Post Construction Review meeting. During this review, GEI completes a post occupancy and construction walk-through to determine any adjustments or modifications that are needed. This process ensures your overall satisfaction and the success of your project.